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Tuesday 05 Oct

Round 15, 2011

Posted by The Shadow on June 30, 2011 (0 Comments)

Round 15 is here, and most teams should be fielding their strongest side they've had for several weeks now thanks to West Coast having the bye. This should only mean Cox out of most people's lineups which is a big concern, considering Aaron Sandilands is going to miss another 4 weeks.

Who have you got for cover in the rucks? Post in the comments section.

Nearly 50,000 coaches would be happy to see that Jed Adcock has been declared fit after a 2 week stint on the sidelines with a broken finger. He had a couple of poor games leading up to it, probably due to carrying his finger injury. This just means that he'll be at a great price for those needing a final upgrade in their backline. Adcock would make a more than handy D8 as well. Heppell to Adcock anyone?

Another story to come from the week is Alan Didak. After averaging 98.8 over the past 3 seasons as a top tier forward, he's killed many owners with a mediocre average of 72.2. His price has plummeted to $272k, and to make matters worse, he's going to miss a few weeks with a calf strain. Backup forward me thinks, as he has to turn it around sometime. Hopefully in time for dreamteam finals.

On to the goodies:

Downgrade options:

Ian Callinan (ADE) - $80,400 - Centre/Forward - B/E XX: Gun. Callinan is a must add at some point over the next 3 weeks. Adelaide have the bye next week, so depending on how your trade situation is, and the state of your cash cows, you can hold off until just before Round 17 to bring him in. Expect every single active DreamTeam coach to bring him in.

Matthew Lobbe (PTA) - $126,000 - Ruck/Forward - B/E XX: With Brogan's retirement, and Port Adelaide's season over, expect this kid to get a fair bit of ruck time. Handy MPP for those with Petrie in their forward line. 

Patrick Karnezis (BRI) - $92,500 - Forward - B/E -25: Averaging 49.50 over his first two games. Hopefully Voss continues to play him, but who knows?

Kyle Cheney (HAW) - $159,900 - Back - B/E -19: Any player in Hawthorn's backline is worth keeping an eye on. They rack up the points like it's going out of fashion. Probably too expensive for a true downgrade option, but figured he's worth a mention with a score of 88 on the weekend.

Matthew Watson (CAR) - $92,500 - Back - B/E -31: Hasn't played since Round 3, but with Carlton losing Jamison for 4 weeks, may be given another look in. Wait for the announcement of teams.

Verdict: If you have a cash cow that's ready to be sold in the forwards or mids, bring in Callinan. If you are looking for lots of cash from Sandilands, then Lobbe is a solid option. Just make sure you wait until teams are named.

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Cash Cows for sale:

Nick Lower - Back - $281k - B/E 88

Shaun Atley - Centre - $195k - B/E 79

Zach Smith - Ruck - $312k - B/E 108

Trent McKenzie - Centre - $274k - B/E 87

Other notables: Brandon Matera, Luke Tapscott, Stewart Crameri, Luke Thompson

Verdict: Atley to Callinan would be a good move if you have those pieces.


Upgrade targets:


Matt Suckling - $364k - B/E 51 - Avg 97.75

Grant Birchall - $379k - B/E 76 - Avg 93.69

Sam Fisher - $360k - B/E 81 - Avg 91.92

The following players have byes during DreamTeam finals, so bring in at own risk:

Heath Scotland $394k - B/E 98 - Avg 100.38

Bryce Gibbs $358k - B/E 67 - Avg 100.00

Corey Enright $350k - B/E 38 - Avg 92.92


Dane Swan - $392k - B/E 102 - Avg 113.82

Matthew Boyd - $429k - B/E 134 - Avg 114.92 (High break even, so can wait a week)

Sam Mitchell - $425k - B/E 77 - Avg 110.67

Scott Thompson - $400k - B/E 100 - Avg 107.23

Tom Rockliff - $375k - B/E 72 - Avg 103.55



Drew Petrie - $368k - B/E 91 - Avg 93.42

Todd Goldstein - $380k - B/E 108 - Avg 100.58 (Misses first week of DT finals with bye. Also Hamish McIntosh is playing again in VFL)

Ben McEvoy - $384k - B/E 77 - Avg 93.45 (avg 122 over last 3)

Jonathan Griffin - $273k - B/E 57 - Avg 90


Paul Chapman - $365k - B/E 91 - Avg 99.09 - Bye round 22.

Matthew Pavlich - $360k - B/E 66 - Avg 95.92

Adam Goodes - $332k - B/E 80 - Avg 91.77

Travis Cloke - $366k - B/E 37 - Avg 93.08 (Last 3 games avg 124.67)

Verdict: Chapman still a great buy at $365k, but beware of the Geelong bye in the 2nd week of dreamteam finals. I'm a bit skeptical of bringing in Goldstein for Sandilands, as Goldstein has the bye in round 21, but a bigger threat is Hamish McIntosh playing in games in the VFL. Could really hurt his value should we see a timeshare of ruck duties. Hopefully you have Zac Smith and can give it a few weeks for things to become clearer.

For the backs, I think Birchall will outscore Suckling by end of season. Fisher will continue to rack up his scores, and Goddard should consistently bust out his 90+ once again.

Buy of the week would have to be Dane Swan if you don't already have him. Looks to be over his niggling injuries and at $392k, you cannot go wrong. Get on board!

  Future targets with big break evens:

Steve Johnson (195), Leigh Montagna (188), Jimmy Bartel (169), Heath Shaw (150), Dean Cox (141), Jobe Watson (139), Joel Selwood (138), Lance Franklin (136), Scott Pendlebury (134), Matthew Boyd (134)

Hopefully this makes a few of your trading decisions easier this week.

The Shadow....

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Round 14, 2011

Posted by The Shadow on June 22, 2011 (0 Comments)

After the past two rounds, all I can say is "wow". DreamTeam teams have been decimated with injuries, suspensions, byes, holidays to the USA and possibly even an out this week due to the "ash cloud". I find it hard to believe that the Gold Coast won't be able to get Gary Ablett back up there for the Suns game on Saturday night, but stranger things have happened.

Let's just do a quick run down of the popular players who have missed/will be missed:

Dane Swan - (Available) - Trip to Arizona
Scott Pendlebury, Heath Shaw, Alan Didak, Andrew Krakouer - (Available) - Bye
Aaron Sandilands - (Test) - Turf toe - Expected to be fit
Jed Adock - (Round 16) - Finger
Zach Smith - (Available) - Rested
David Swallow- (Available) - Rested
Lance Franklin - (Round 15) - Suspended
Nick Riewoldt, Leigh Montagna, Brendan Goddard, Sam Fisher, Nick Dal Santo, Jason Gram - (Round 15) - Bye
Jimmy Bartel - (Test) - Concussion - Not looking good for Jimmy. Could miss more than 1 week
Gary Ablett - (Travel) - Grounded in Melbourne due to Chilean ash cloud; they'll get him.
Joel Selwood - (Round 17) - Suspended
David Mundy -  (Round 21) - Ankle
Jarryd Roughead - (Season) - Achilles
Shane Mumford - (Round 16) - Suspended
Matthew Stokes - (Round 15) - Suspended
Mitch Clark - (unknown) - Ankle
James Kelly - (test) - Ankle, unlikely

There are a lot of premiums in there, so there aren't many teams who have dodged the bullets. This would explain the very low scoring averages for the past 2 weeks and the trend is expected to continue this week.

Anyways, on to our regular features:

Downgrade options:

Jeremy Howe (MEL) - $157,500 - Forward - B/E -54: Already had one price increase, but really looks comfortable out there playing AFL. Expect him to play most games for the rest of the season, and continue his solid scoring.

Luke Dahlhaus (WBD) - $88,400 - Forward - B/E -39: Started as a sub in his first game, so don't be too put off by his 34. Should continue to get a few games for now, but will always be a sub risk. 

Isaac Smith (HAW) - $151,200 - Centre/Forward - B/E -37: Finally was included in the Hawthorn lineup for his 3rd game. Didn't disappoint with a 99. It was against the Gold Coast, and Hawthorn have a huge list of injuries. So it's only a matter of time before he finds himself back in the twos.

Mitchell Golby (BRL) - $92,500 - Back - B/E -35: Hasn't shown a great deal, but should continue to get opportunities in a rebuilding Brisbane side.

Patrick Karnezis (BRL) - $92,500 - Forward - Played first game as sub and scored 45 in 2nd half.

Ben Bucovaz (FRE) - $80,400 - Forward - Played first game as sub. Came on in 2nd quarter, and scored 43 in 2nd half.

Verdict: If you have the cash to spare, and you need your forward sub to play a few games, take Howe. Kid looks good out there. If you are just looking to save some coin, then Dahlhaus isn't a bad option, but I'd prefer to hold out a week to see what happens with Karnezis and Bucovaz.

Cash Cows for sale:

Jack Darling, Dyson Heppell, Nick Lower, Luke Thompson, Brandon Matera, Trent McKenzie, Cameron O'Shea, Jasper Pittard, David Swallow, Reece Conca, Stewart Crameri

Verdict: Heppell can be kept as your 7th back keeper. Although has looked a bit shaky the past two weeks and will probably be rested within next few weeks. Conca should have been sold several weeks ago, so if you still have him, ouch. Talk of Darling being sent back to WAFL, so get him out if you haven't already.


Upgrade targets: (average score in brackets)


Heath Shaw $363,000 (93.09)

Matt Suckling $346,400 (95.18)

Brady Rawlings $343,400 (88.83)

Corey Enright $322,400 (87.45)

Brendan Goddard $338,600 (85.58)

Goddard and Enright are great buys at those prices. Suckling continues his solid scoring, so he'd be the pick if you have the cash.


Sam Mitchell $409,300 (109.09) - Should have been brought in 2 weeks ago.

Liam Shiels $408,100 (106.58) - On a scoring tear this season.

Matthew Boyd $424,200 (113.17) - May drop another $15,000, but still a top shelf option at this price.

Andrew Embley $367,000 (101.91) - Continues to bust out solid scores. Better options out there though

Gary Ablett $457,500 (112) - Unbelievable past 5 games

Scott Thompson $394,600 (107.75) - Solid scorer.

Jack Redden $395,900 (106.17) - Unique choice

Dale Thomas $423,100 (106.30) - No more byes, and earned the "best player in game" tag from Grant Thomas

Cash to burn, take Ablett. Otherwise I like Boyd, followed by Mitchell and Thompson.



Ben McEvoy $383,900 (93.45) - Averaging 122 over past 3 games. Still a bit too risky for my liking.

Matthew Kruezer - $316,200 (99.00) - Scored a massive 133 in just his 2nd game back. Great price, but injury risk.

Cox, Goldstein and Sandilands all have massive break evens, so no need to trade for a ruckman this week. 


Brent Harvey $359,400 (93.08) - When is this old timer's scores going to drop? Not this season.

Matthew Pavlich $338,500 (92.92) - Got a corkie, but will be right. As consistent as they come.

Colin Sylvia $317,200 (93.67) - Amazing price thanks to a score of 12 when he came off with a corkie. Get him!

Nathan Fyfe $365,500 (99.25) - Still concerned about his shoulder. 

Paul Chapman $372,200 (99.70) - 114 break even, so can wait a week. Should be in all line ups at this price, although Geelong has a bye in rd 22.

Get Sylvia into your team. Should be the most popular upgrade this week. Pavlich is a great option followed by Chapman. Cannot go wrong.

  Future targets with big break evens:

Leigh Montagna, Steve Johnson, Dean Cox, Dane Swan, Jed Adcock, Matthew Boyd.

Hopefully this makes a few of your trading decisions easier this week.

The Shadow....


Mid-year review

Posted by The Shadow on June 14, 2011 (0 Comments)

We've reached the middle of the DreamTeam and SuperCoach seasons, so hopefully you're one of the few still alive with a chance at winning the car. If not, it's time to focus all of your energy on shaping your team for dream team finals. Another post will come shortly addressing your weekly needs, but for now, let's review the best buys and the busts so far this season.


Best Buys:

Cash Cow: Buy low, sell high. Purchased purely to make money and help out when in a bind.

Zach Smith - Averaging 80 as a $106k ruckman that nearly half the league had. Claims the title as the biggest price increase, and has provided much needed support for those who had Sandilands.

Honorable mentions: Dyson Heppell, Nick Lower, Shane Savage, Trent McKenzie, Danny Stanley, Nick Duigan, Ed Curnow, Tom Liberatore, Jack Darling, Andrew Krakouer.

Mid pricer: Players who were middle of the road, and were picked for the potential to become a premium.

Liam Shiels - Having a ridiculously big break out year. Averaged just 54 over the past two seasons, and now averaging a whopping 105.91 which puts him in the premium list. An amazing buy if you got him for $221,500.

Honorable mentions: Matt Suckling, Drew Petrie, Ben McEvoy, Nathan Foley, Dyson Heppell (borderline back premium), Jed Adock

Premium: Players who were picked as premiums and have exceeded expectations.

Dean Cox - Battled niggling injuries all of last year as well as the emergence of Naitanui, but still managed to take the number 2 ruck title. Proven again this year that he is the premier ruckmen in the league.

Honorable mentions: Marc Murphy, Steve Johnson, Todd Goldstein, Nathan Fyfe

Biggest Busts:

Brendan Goddard, Alan Didak, David Mundy, Leigh Montagna,Daniel Kerr, Paddy Ryder,

Ian Callinan,  Cameron Richardson, Dion Prestia, Isaac Smith


All-Dreamteam Team:

Backs: Scotland, Gibbs, Carrazzo, Suckling, Heath Shaw, Deledio, Birchall (Lower, Heppell, Stanley)

Mids: Boyd (C), Pendlebury, Marc Murphy, Dane Swan, Gary Ablett, Liam Shiels (Savage, McKenzie, Curnow)

Rucks: Cox, Goldstein (Zach Smith, Drew Petrie)

Forwards: Steve Johnson, Franklin, Fyfe, Chapman, O'Keefe, Sylvia, Pavlich (Darling, Krakouer, Alex Johnson)


Round 12, 2011

Posted by The Shadow on June 07, 2011 (0 Comments)

 It's almost the middle of the year, and most teams should be shaping out their final 2-4 premiums to complete their side. 

Those in the top 1000 still have a possible crack at winning the comp. Everyone else should be concentrating on league wins, which means no North Melbourne, Geelong, Carlton or Essendon premiums.

Next week we'll put out our DreamTeam of the first half of the season, and go through a few failures as well.

Downgrade options for this week:

Christian Howard (WBD) - $97,600 - Back - B/E -29: Middle of the road scores so far, but at least he's getting a game right? Not convinced of his JS unless the dogs go on to lose a few more games and begin a rebuilding process. Only if you must...

Dan Nicholson (MEL) - $104,400 - Back/Centre - B/E -13: Started as a sub, and came on for Sylvia early 2nd quarter. Posted a decent 57. JS issues once Tapscott returns in a few weeks.

Jeremy Howe (MEL) - $92,500 - Forward - B/E XX: Only played the one game, and scored a very solid 86. I'd definitely give him another week before bringing him in. Otherwise you could be stuck with him like many are with Isaac Smith of Hawthorn who doesn't look like getting a game anytime soon.

Nathan Vardy (GEE) - $130,300 - Ruck - B/E -41: Already had one price increase, but looked very comfortable in the Geelong forward line. Should get plenty of opportunities this year with Cam Mooney's career looking pretty much over, and Tom Hawkins struggling. If you're looking for a ruck downgrade, Vardy is probably your man.

Michael Evans (MEL) - $143,700 - Centre - B/E -24: Another player who has had a price increase already. Still a good downgrade option if you can spare the extra cash, as you'll be getting solid performances you can rely on in a pinch for an emergency. 

Tendai Mzungu (FRE) - $126,600 - Centre/Forward - B/E -41: Had his first price increase already and had nearly 50,000 coaches bring him into their sides last week. Will be a staple in the Fremantle lineup for the rest of the year. Similar to the note on Evans above, if you want a reliable emergency in the forward or mids, then don't feel bad at not getting him last week, and bring him in this week. 

Cash cows that are plump and ready to be sold:

David Swallow, Daniel Harris, Stewart Crameri, Jack Darling, Nick Duigan, Matthew Wright, Brandon Matera, Shane Savage, Andrew Krakouer, Danny Stanley, Stefan Martin, Cam O'Shea.


Upgrade targets (B/E in brackets):

 Backs: Heath Shaw (82), Grant Birchall (83), Corey Enright* (86), Greg Broughton (25), Brendan Goddard (113)

Broughton is a good buy at $323k. Looks like he has turned the corner, and should be a decent pickup for 2nd half. Goddard is only $328k with a highish break even. So you could wait if you don't have him, but be happy to grab him now as he busts out another ton. Heath Shaw with the bye next week.

Centres: Sam Mitchell (70), Scott Pendlebury (88), Jack Redden (101), Jimmy Bartel* (99), Marc Murphy* (94)

Loving Sam Mitchell at $373k. Pendles and Murphy won't get any cheaper. Redden is a decent option if you like unique choices. Remember that Bartel and Murphy have byes during DT Finals.

Rucks: Cox (86), Goldstein (88)

Forwards: Travis Cloke (41), Roughead (76), Chapman* (112)

If you're strapped for cash, then Cloke isn't a bad option. Personally I'd be saving up for full blown premiums such as Chapman*, Pavlich, Sylvia and Fyfe in future weeks. Although a case can be made for Chapman this week. Roughead has been stellar since Hale's injury. Hale should be ready to go again soon, but not sure if Hawthorn will bring him straight back in after doing so well without him.

Future upgrade targets with big break evens:

Colin Sylvia, Matthew Pavlich, Nathan Fyfe, Brent Harvey*, Aaron Sandilands, Leigh Montagna, David Mundy, Dane Swan, Joel Selwood*.

Personally, my moves are Krakouer to Chapman (I have plenty of trades up my sleeve come finals time if I don't win my first week) and still debating whether to move Lower for Shaw or Birchall. Leaning towards Birchall, as Hawthorn have a great run home for DT finals. 

This will leave me with the following lineup - 1 forward upgrade to go, 10 trades in the kitty and 100k:

Backs: Deledio, Adcock, Fisher, Rawlings, Goddard, Heppell and Birchall (Buckley, Hibberd, Jacobs).

Centres: Pendlebury, Boyd, Swan, Mundy, Mitchell, Montagna (Curnow, Iles, Bewick)

Rucks: Cox, Sandilands (McCauley, Derickx)

Forwards: Goodes, Chapman, Sylvia, Franklin, N Riewoldt, Didak, Mzungu (Lynch, Richardson, I Smith)


Round 10, 2011

Posted by The Shadow on May 26, 2011 (0 Comments)

Round 10 is upon us, and hopefully you have a solid backup ruckman because Sandilands has been ruled out for 4 weeks. Zach Smith from the Gold Coast should provide great coverage, as would Drew Petrie if you went that dual position way. For those who went neither, it's not a pretty scene. 

Downgrade Options for this week:

Ben Jacobs (PTA) - $100,500 - Back/Centre - B/E -65: Touched on Jacobs last week. Should play the rest of the season, and has shown the potential to be a solid scorer. Get him in your line ups!

Tom Lynch (GCS) - $120,500 - Forward - B/E -92: Two very solid games to begin his career (92 & 95). Hard to see him not continuing to get a game in the Gold Coast line up. 

Pedersen (NM) - $98,400 - Back - B/E -62: Hasn't played since round 7, but kicked a big bag in the VFL. Should get another look in soon. Job security still an issue.

Isaac Smith (HAW) - $92,500 - Forward/Centre - B/E -75: Didn't get picked last week due to "general soreness". Can't see him breaking back into the Hawks lineup this week either. Keep him on your radar though as he is one game away from a big price increase.

Michael Evans (MEL) - $80,400 - Centre - B/E XX: Debuted in round 9 and scored a massive 112. Where did this guy come from? Definitely give him another week to see if he's the real deal. If a score above 70, then he really is a must inclusion next week.

Personally, I'm downgrading to both Jacobs and Lynch this week to free up big amounts of cash.

  Cash cows that are plump and ready to be sold:

Tapscott, Foley, Crameri, Atley, Nahas, Luke Thompson

I'm downgrading Tapscott (hamstring injury) and most likely Danny Stanley. Stanley definitely has more $ to gain, but I don't want to miss out on Jacobs.

Upgrade targets (B/E in brackets)

Backs: Goddard (92), Gibbs (63), Adcock (77), Scotland (81), Suckling (50), Deledio (78), Birchall (53)

Centres: Ablett (76), Montagna (62), Scott Thompson (66)

Rucks:  Goldstein (82), Cox (100)

Forwards: Chapman (122 - Big break even, but vs Gold Coast so very gettable), Franklin (47), Fyfe (61), N Riewoldt (47), R O'Keefe (69)

There are some players that are good value, but miss out because I don't consider them an end of season premium. With so many trades and cash floating about this year, it's just not worth upgrading to a player, unless they are in the upper echelon of their position.

  Future upgrade targets with big break evens to look out for:

Brent Stanton, Sam Mitchell, Nick Dal Santo, Shaun Higgins, Matthew Boyd, Scott Pendlebury, Colin Sylvia, Matthew Pavlich, David Mundy, Heath Shaw.

Hopefully this will give you some insight into player choices this week.

Until next week.

The Shadow...


Round 9, 2011

Posted by The Shadow on May 19, 2011 (0 Comments)

  Well, Geelong has managed to keep this AFL season well and truly alive by surprising even the most optimistic of supporters by starting the season 7-0. They'll face another test this Friday night versus a determined Carlton outfit that has lost just the one game so far this year.

Now as for DreamTeam, we have a week where there are a lot of downgrade options, and a couple of sneaky upgrade options too. Although at this stage, it looks like the downgrade options is the way to go.


Downgrade options:

Puopolo (HAW) - $92,500 - Back - B/E -74: Posted two solid scores in a row. Hawthorn love to possess the ball, so all Hawk players tend to rack up the points. Had an injury concern, but played out the game and should be good to go this week. Job security just got a lot better with Gilham out for the rest of the season.

Isaac Smith (HAW) - $92,500 - Centre/Forward - B/E -75: Looked a little shaky in his last hit out. Should get another game due to injuries, but job security a definite concern. 

Hibberd (ESS) - $92,500 - Back/Centre - B/E -67: Was a late inclusion due to a withdrawal in the Essendon team. Posted a 72 to give him a -67 breakeven. Job security certainly a concern, but hasn't done anything wrong. Should hold spot in side at least for this week.

Tom Lynch (GCS) - $120,500 - Forward - B/E -92: Two very solid games to begin his career. Gold Coast have the bye this week, so you can afford to bring him in next week. Ridiculous break even of -92.

Ben Jacobs (PTA) - $100,500 - Back/Centre - B/E XX: Many people rate Jacobs. Suffered a bout of glandular fever in the preseason, which pushed his debut back to last weekend. With Port really struggling, they are going to have to develop their kids. Expect Jacobs to play for most of the year apart from 1 or 2 games of "general soreness". Still one more week away before the price rise, so can be brought in next week.

  Cash cows that are ripe for the selling:

Nick Lower, Sean Atley, Luke Tapscott, Shaun McKernan, Nathan Foley, Drew Petrie, Brodie Smith

One name that a case could be made for being added to the list is Dyson Heppell, however he has a good enough average to be your 7th defender or bench cover. So I'd roll with him.

Upgrade targets (Break even in brackets):

Backs: Gibbs $356k (93), Carrazzo $358k (78), Suckling $318k (22), Shaw $382k (60), Fisher $346k (51), Chaplin $323k (57)

Centres: Bolton $361k (63), Sylvia $414k (81), Ablett $405k (79), Hodge $328k (42), Shiels $343k (40)

Rucks: Only 3 should come into consideration. Cox, Sandi and Goldstein. Even then, you should only upgrade to Cox or Sandi.

Forwards: O'Keefe $328k (33), Goodes $363k (42), Steve Johnson $383k (78), Sylvia $414k (81), Nahas $378k (43)


  Future upgrade targets with big break evens to look out for:

Paul Chapman, Sam Mitchell, Scott Pendlebury, Montagna, Rioli, Dal Santo

With no deadset stand out in the current upgrade targets, I'd downgrade two players this week (Puopolo, Hibberd), and possibly the next week (Lynch, Jacobs). That should give you a big amount of cash to bring in Chapman and Mitchell in one round. 

Good luck with your teams this week!


The Shadow...


Round 8, 2011

Posted by The Shadow on May 11, 2011 (0 Comments)

So we have two undefeated teams going at it on Friday night in what could make or break a lot of interest in this year's AFL season. If Geelong fail to get within 5 goals of Collingwood, then we can safely assume Collingwood will win the flag with ease. As a Geelong supporter I hope this won't be the case.

Anyways, on to Round 8 of DreamTeam.

Couple of injuries that will have a few coaches throwing their plans out the window. Jack Grimes done for the season, and Ed Curnow, the moneymaking Carlton rookie injuring his AC joint which will sideline him for several weeks.

Depending on your midfield depth and trades remaining, I recommend holding on to Curnow until we hear more from the medicos. Grimes on the other hand will be one of the most traded players this round.

Potential premium targets include:

Gibbs*, Goddard, Adcock, Carrazzo*, Scotland*, Shaw, Deledio, Enright*, Rawlings*, Newman.

The players with the asterisks next to their name all have a bye during DreamTeam finals. So if you're just going for the league win, I really encourage you to avoid these players. It should be noted too that Carlton have the bye this week.

Newman has been able to post solid numbers in the past, and I think if you're struggling for cash, he is the pick of the rest.

Potential downgrade targets include:

Pedersen ($98k, B/E -62), Hibberd ($92.5k, B/E ??), Puopolo ($92.5k, B/E ??)

All three have their job security (JS) issues. But if I was to take one, I'd probably grab Hibberd if he gets named this week.