DreamTeam Time

Round 12, 2011

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 It's almost the middle of the year, and most teams should be shaping out their final 2-4 premiums to complete their side. 

Those in the top 1000 still have a possible crack at winning the comp. Everyone else should be concentrating on league wins, which means no North Melbourne, Geelong, Carlton or Essendon premiums.

Next week we'll put out our DreamTeam of the first half of the season, and go through a few failures as well.

Downgrade options for this week:

Christian Howard (WBD) - $97,600 - Back - B/E -29: Middle of the road scores so far, but at least he's getting a game right? Not convinced of his JS unless the dogs go on to lose a few more games and begin a rebuilding process. Only if you must...

Dan Nicholson (MEL) - $104,400 - Back/Centre - B/E -13: Started as a sub, and came on for Sylvia early 2nd quarter. Posted a decent 57. JS issues once Tapscott returns in a few weeks.

Jeremy Howe (MEL) - $92,500 - Forward - B/E XX: Only played the one game, and scored a very solid 86. I'd definitely give him another week before bringing him in. Otherwise you could be stuck with him like many are with Isaac Smith of Hawthorn who doesn't look like getting a game anytime soon.

Nathan Vardy (GEE) - $130,300 - Ruck - B/E -41: Already had one price increase, but looked very comfortable in the Geelong forward line. Should get plenty of opportunities this year with Cam Mooney's career looking pretty much over, and Tom Hawkins struggling. If you're looking for a ruck downgrade, Vardy is probably your man.

Michael Evans (MEL) - $143,700 - Centre - B/E -24: Another player who has had a price increase already. Still a good downgrade option if you can spare the extra cash, as you'll be getting solid performances you can rely on in a pinch for an emergency. 

Tendai Mzungu (FRE) - $126,600 - Centre/Forward - B/E -41: Had his first price increase already and had nearly 50,000 coaches bring him into their sides last week. Will be a staple in the Fremantle lineup for the rest of the year. Similar to the note on Evans above, if you want a reliable emergency in the forward or mids, then don't feel bad at not getting him last week, and bring him in this week. 

Cash cows that are plump and ready to be sold:

David Swallow, Daniel Harris, Stewart Crameri, Jack Darling, Nick Duigan, Matthew Wright, Brandon Matera, Shane Savage, Andrew Krakouer, Danny Stanley, Stefan Martin, Cam O'Shea.


Upgrade targets (B/E in brackets):

 Backs: Heath Shaw (82), Grant Birchall (83), Corey Enright* (86), Greg Broughton (25), Brendan Goddard (113)

Broughton is a good buy at $323k. Looks like he has turned the corner, and should be a decent pickup for 2nd half. Goddard is only $328k with a highish break even. So you could wait if you don't have him, but be happy to grab him now as he busts out another ton. Heath Shaw with the bye next week.

Centres: Sam Mitchell (70), Scott Pendlebury (88), Jack Redden (101), Jimmy Bartel* (99), Marc Murphy* (94)

Loving Sam Mitchell at $373k. Pendles and Murphy won't get any cheaper. Redden is a decent option if you like unique choices. Remember that Bartel and Murphy have byes during DT Finals.

Rucks: Cox (86), Goldstein (88)

Forwards: Travis Cloke (41), Roughead (76), Chapman* (112)

If you're strapped for cash, then Cloke isn't a bad option. Personally I'd be saving up for full blown premiums such as Chapman*, Pavlich, Sylvia and Fyfe in future weeks. Although a case can be made for Chapman this week. Roughead has been stellar since Hale's injury. Hale should be ready to go again soon, but not sure if Hawthorn will bring him straight back in after doing so well without him.

Future upgrade targets with big break evens:

Colin Sylvia, Matthew Pavlich, Nathan Fyfe, Brent Harvey*, Aaron Sandilands, Leigh Montagna, David Mundy, Dane Swan, Joel Selwood*.

Personally, my moves are Krakouer to Chapman (I have plenty of trades up my sleeve come finals time if I don't win my first week) and still debating whether to move Lower for Shaw or Birchall. Leaning towards Birchall, as Hawthorn have a great run home for DT finals. 

This will leave me with the following lineup - 1 forward upgrade to go, 10 trades in the kitty and 100k:

Backs: Deledio, Adcock, Fisher, Rawlings, Goddard, Heppell and Birchall (Buckley, Hibberd, Jacobs).

Centres: Pendlebury, Boyd, Swan, Mundy, Mitchell, Montagna (Curnow, Iles, Bewick)

Rucks: Cox, Sandilands (McCauley, Derickx)

Forwards: Goodes, Chapman, Sylvia, Franklin, N Riewoldt, Didak, Mzungu (Lynch, Richardson, I Smith)

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