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Mid-year review

Posted by The Shadow on June 14, 2011 (0 Comments)

We've reached the middle of the DreamTeam and SuperCoach seasons, so hopefully you're one of the few still alive with a chance at winning the car. If not, it's time to focus all of your energy on shaping your team for dream team finals. Another post will come shortly addressing your weekly needs, but for now, let's review the best buys and the busts so far this season.


Best Buys:

Cash Cow: Buy low, sell high. Purchased purely to make money and help out when in a bind.

Zach Smith - Averaging 80 as a $106k ruckman that nearly half the league had. Claims the title as the biggest price increase, and has provided much needed support for those who had Sandilands.

Honorable mentions: Dyson Heppell, Nick Lower, Shane Savage, Trent McKenzie, Danny Stanley, Nick Duigan, Ed Curnow, Tom Liberatore, Jack Darling, Andrew Krakouer.

Mid pricer: Players who were middle of the road, and were picked for the potential to become a premium.

Liam Shiels - Having a ridiculously big break out year. Averaged just 54 over the past two seasons, and now averaging a whopping 105.91 which puts him in the premium list. An amazing buy if you got him for $221,500.

Honorable mentions: Matt Suckling, Drew Petrie, Ben McEvoy, Nathan Foley, Dyson Heppell (borderline back premium), Jed Adock

Premium: Players who were picked as premiums and have exceeded expectations.

Dean Cox - Battled niggling injuries all of last year as well as the emergence of Naitanui, but still managed to take the number 2 ruck title. Proven again this year that he is the premier ruckmen in the league.

Honorable mentions: Marc Murphy, Steve Johnson, Todd Goldstein, Nathan Fyfe

Biggest Busts:

Brendan Goddard, Alan Didak, David Mundy, Leigh Montagna,Daniel Kerr, Paddy Ryder,

Ian Callinan,  Cameron Richardson, Dion Prestia, Isaac Smith


All-Dreamteam Team:

Backs: Scotland, Gibbs, Carrazzo, Suckling, Heath Shaw, Deledio, Birchall (Lower, Heppell, Stanley)

Mids: Boyd (C), Pendlebury, Marc Murphy, Dane Swan, Gary Ablett, Liam Shiels (Savage, McKenzie, Curnow)

Rucks: Cox, Goldstein (Zach Smith, Drew Petrie)

Forwards: Steve Johnson, Franklin, Fyfe, Chapman, O'Keefe, Sylvia, Pavlich (Darling, Krakouer, Alex Johnson)

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