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Benefits of running

Posted by The Shadow on January 17, 2014 (0 Comments)

Benefits of running

Other than walking, running is one of the most basic and convenient forms of exercising that we can participate in. It can be done both indoors and outdoors, on grass or roads, and on treadmills or the sands of your favorite beach. And the great thing about running is that it has many benefits for your overall health.

Now, the difference between jogging or walking and running, is the level of intensity. It's in this higher level of intensity that we receive the most benefits.

Improves Immune System

One of the major benefits of running is that it helps to improve your immune system by aiding in flushing out various bacteria and/or fighting off viral infections[1]. Running can help to increase the body's core temperature, which may help to fight off bacteria. Additionally, running slows down the release of stress hormones which can decrease the chance of getting sick.

Prevents Diseases

In addition to improving your immune system, running can also help to prevent various serious ailments or diseases. The following is a list of diseases/ailments that running can help to prevent[2]:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Various forms of cancer
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Lose Weight

Running is a great weight to manage your weight. Depending on what your goals are, running can help you lose excessive weight, burn off more calories, lose body fat and generally help you to tone up. Various forms of running, like high intensity interval training (HIIT), can have a greater impact on weight loss and caloric expenditure.

Improve Moods

Running can have a tremendous impact on your moods or emotions. There are various studies that have linked exercising/running to alleviating or improving the symptoms of depression[3]. This is due to the body releasing "feel-good" chemicals during running. Additionally, it can help to prevent various chemicals that may be released which increase the feelings of sadness or lethargy.

Running also helps to improve or prevent stress. You can take your mind off of the things that stress you out while you are running. In fact, you can feel like a new person as you run off all of the stress and anxieties in your life.

Running will boost your self-confidence as you are getting into better shape. This could be an area that's causing your stress or depression.

Whether it's stress, depression or a similar mental/emotional struggle, running can help you to cope with things in a healthy way.

Choose the Right Shoes

Before you embark on a running program, you must first choose the right shoes for you. These shoes should support your feet and ankles, and ensure that you feel comfort while running. Running shoes are highly recommended because they are designed to best fit and aid individuals who run on a regular basis.






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