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Football Boots for 2015

Posted by The Shadow on January 12, 2015 (0 Comments)

We all know the feeling of digging out that footy bag that's been sitting in a cupboard since September fermenting in it's own putrid smell waiting for you to open it up and unleash hell on your poor nostrils. We all go through the same routine every year, but that smell of grass, mud, B.O. and deep heat floors us every time. But in it's own crazy little way, it's exciting because footy season is just around the corner.

Many clubs from soccer to AFL to rugby begin their preseason this week, or in the very near future for the 2015 campaign. Some were even crazy enough to start before Christmas! I've always had the mentality that there is only so much tread on these tyres, so I've tended to be a late comer to preseason shenanigans of hill sprints, time trials, beep tests accompanied by the never ending promise/dangling carrot of 'ball work' from the coach.

So when that time of ball work does come around, you better hope your football boots are still in good shape from the previous year, otherwise it's time to go shopping.

I know we're a footy boot site, but we do recommend owning 2 pairs of boots to keep in your bag throughout the season.

If you fancy the high end boots like the Nike Mercurial Vapors or the adidas F50s, then you really don't want to put those boots on when training conditions are wet and muddy. You're better off putting on those cheaper entry-level boots like the Nike Mercurial Victorys or adidas F10s as poor conditions will chew through your boots.

Here are some other great reasons for having 2 pairs of boots:

- Free shipping if you buy 2 or more pairs
- Backup pair in case you have a blow out mid game/training.
- Dry boots for your next training/game while your other pair dries out naturally. Do NOT use a hair dryer or other artificial heat source including a heater to dry your boots. This will reduce the longevity of your boots significantly. Stuff your boots with newspaper or paper towels to draw the moisture out, and allow them to dry naturally.
-  Spare pair for that nuffy teammate who has a blowout or forgets their boots at home. There's always one in every team.


 Now on to the new release boots for 2015:

MyFootyBoots Favourite Pick: 

Lighter and softer than previous Nike Tiempos, the Nike Tiempo Legacy Leather is the traditional leather touch you've been looking for. A favourite here at, and the ideal Nike boot for AFL.


Elite Options

The adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 is the premium class Nitrocharge soccer boot made from adidas' HYBRIDTOUCH synthetic leather.



The NikeSkin technology found on the Nike Hypervenom Phantom gives players the control and precision in all conditions. Rain, hail or shine.




Mid Range Options

Just a great all round boot for all football codes, although the preference here is soccer due to the 3D Pass pad which helps with passing.




The newest Nike style to hit the market, the Magista has been turning heads with it's innovation and quality.




Entry Level Options

An amazing entry level boot for all ages. Flashy colours, with a great feel to keep kicking those goals.



The entry level boot from adidas. Very capable, and can handle all conditions.


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