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The “Smartest” Christmas present this year? The adidas F50 football boots with miCoach SpeedCell.

Posted by The Shadow on November 08, 2011 (0 Comments)
December can’t come around quick enough, as it marks the worldwide release date for the Adidas miCoach F50 football boots.adidas F50 High Energy/Electricity/White miCoach

These footy boots are dubbed the “football boot with a brain”, as you can insert the adidas miCoach SpeedCell in the base of your adidas miCoach F50 football boot to record your movements during a game or at practice. 

What better Christmas present than a new pair of football boots? 

The on-board memory will store data such as distance covered, your speed at any point during the  session, the number of sprints, timing information, the list goes on. 

At the end of your game or session, you then send the data wirelessly to your smart phone or PC/Mac so you can review how you went. It doesn’t just stop there either, as you can jump online at, compare your results to other athletes around the world, and also build your own training program to get you to your peak fitness level you desire.

Only top professional soccer, football and rugby players had access to this football boot technology. But now you can get your hands on it and take your game to the next level.

Here are a few images of the new soccer cleats to get excited about. The two colours displayed are  the High Energy/Electricity/White and the Black/Warning/Electricity.

Expected release date of December 2nd for the Adidas miCoach F50 Soccer Boots; just in time for Christmas!


  adidas SpeedCell in F50 High Energy/Electricity/White  adidas F50 Black/Warning/Electricity micoachmiCoach SpeedCell 

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