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Asics GEL Kayano 19

Posted by The Shadow on April 21, 2013 (0 Comments)


Asics GEL Kayano 19 – Revolutionary New Design From A Legendary Brand


Asics is one of the most respected names in the athletic shoe industry, and their products receive consistently favorable reviews from both professional athletes and consumers. So it is hardly surprising that news of the impending release of the company’s Gel Kayano was received with much anticipation. And the good news is that the new redesign lives up to its venerable 19-year history.



Classic design gets a revamp


Already a certified classic, the GEL Kayano receives a much welcome revamp in its latest incarnation. Although the design and construction retains many of the elements that have made it such a highly-regarded running shoe, the new model features a number of key innovations that take Asics men's running shoes to the next level of quality and performance. 

Even though the Asics GEL Kayano 19 has been almost completely redesigned from heel to toe, many of the changes are centered on reducing its weight and improving the way it fits. Now weighing an impressively light 292g, the GEL Kayano also offers a superb fit that should make it a joy to wear even on the longest runs. Best of all, the lightness of the shoe doesn't sacrifice its comfort and support one bit. 





Lightweight performance


Interestingly enough, the 2013 edition of the Asics Kayano stops just short of falling into the current crop of running shoes that are designed to be as light as possible. Instead, this one falls somewhere in the middle of-the-road–so to speak–offering solid support in a durable design that is still lighter than most other shoes in its class. With the Asics GEL Kayano 19, you still get the benefits of lightweight Asics men's running shoes with the added benefit of knowing that you have enough protection from Australia's rocky trails and uneven surfaces.

 Aside from the light weight, the changes that Asics has made in terms of ensuring a better fit are especially worthy of mention. The new Asics Kayano now features a “Biomorphic Fit Upper” feature, which is basically a stretchable mesh that fits snugly against both sides of the foot. With a four-point design that ensures a tight-yet-comfortable fit, this is about as close as a shoe can get without being restrictive. With the inclusion of the company’s own dynamic lacing system, you basically have a shoe that will stay on no matter what running condition the Australian climate throws at you.

 The snug fit extends to the heel of the shoe as well. The Asics Kayano also features a Personal Heel Fit (PHF) feature that reduces friction on the most crucial part of your foot while maintaining a close-yet-comfortable fit. With a newly-designed double layer of memory foam, this model sets new standards in comfort and usability.


Looks to match

 All these features already make the Asics Kayano a formidable entry in the athletic shoe market, but you get the benefit of an impressive looking piece of footwear as well. In the running shoe market where flashy tackiness seems to come with the territory, the relative subtlety of the Asics Kayano is quite refreshing and has sparked the 2013 running show market. With just enough reflective surfaces to keep you safe on the Australian roads, the Asics Kayano is one of the most stylish and impressive running shoes to show up on the market in a long time.



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