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Futsal Shoes for 2013

Posted by The Shadow on May 15, 2013 (0 Comments)

Futsal Shoes for 2013 

Futsal shoes are made specifically for soccer that's played on a non-abrasive, smooth surface. They usually feature rubber-like materials on the soles of the shoe. There are some great options at all price points for those looking to pick up a pair, let’s take a look at some well worth considering.

Entry Level  - adidas FreeFootball Sala

If you’re just starting out with futsal you may be less committed to purchasing a pro boot right off the bat. Instead there are some great entry level options such as the adidas FreeFootball Sala that is sure to please your wallet and your soccer game. This option is extremely lightweight and meant for indoor soccer. The upper is made from mesh so that your foot can breathe, move, and bend easily. The midsole is made from EVA which is pre-molded to give a comfortable feel. You'll get incredible grip on artificial turf and the shoe features shock absorption. It’s available in a number of different styles and colors to suit all tastes.

Mid Range Boot - Nike Mercurial Victory IV IC

 This boot is ideal for those who have played futsal and are now looking to upgrade their equipment. By upgrading your shoes you will notice a difference in comfort, stability, and performance.  This low-profile boot is ideal for indoor soccer and is made from soft synthetic leather. The shoe was designed to allow players to feel the ball better. It mimics the foot's natural shape and features a gum rubber outsole that provides great grip on an indoor surface. You’ll find a number of different colors to choose from. So, you can even get stylish with your shoes without making any sacrifices in comfort and performance.

Elite Boot - Nike Elastico Finale

For those who are really serious about their game and want a boot that is reliable, dependable, and filled with high-performance features then this is the boot for you. The Nike Elastico Finale is meant for those that like to stand out thanks to its flashy design and colors. It's made from Kanga-lite for an incredible light and comfortable fit. The Kanga-Lite is either smooth or tacky to the touch, depending on how you've made contact with the ball. The sock liner features full-length cushioning. The side of the boot features side-court traction and the toe and heel also feature traction. 

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