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How long do runners last? Are my shoes worn out?

Posted by The Shadow on October 11, 2012 (0 Comments)

How long do runners last?      

How do I know if my shoes are past their use-by-date?

The general rule of thumb for a shoes lifespan is 500 - 800 kilometres. This is higly variable and can be hard to track if you use your shoes for activities other than walking and running.

One of the most common (and late!) signs of shoes being worn out is if activity level has been consistent and the wearer is suddenly getting pain or soreness in their feet / knees / back / etc.

To prevent this, evaluate your shoes monthly for excessive wear. Look at:

1. Thickness and texture of the outsole (part of the shoes that contacts the ground)

2. The midsole (material between outsole and upper part of shoe) for wrinkles which appear with excessive compression and decrease the shoes ability to attenuate shock

3. Alignment of the heel counter (seam along the back of shoe) which should be perpendicular to the floor to ensure even heel strike

4. Wearing on the inside of the heel which can occur due to excessive pronation / supination of the foot during gait (arch movement). This may likely mean this particular shoe does not provide your foot with adequate support

5. The flexibility of shoes comparing their ability to flex and twist. Both sides should feel the same.

Having given your shoes a close inspection, it's probably time for a new pair of shoes. Definitely check out our new release runners range to make sure you're wearing the latest shoes on the market.

Currently, our most popular shoes are the Asics Kayano range and the huge range of Nike Free runners


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